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Winter Break in London

by Julia Szymańska

In the winter break I went to London to see Danielle from Erasmus+. I met her when she came to Poland in October. We were spending a lot of time together and she asked me if I want to come to see London and of course I said YES! I bought the tickets and I went to London on 25th of January and I stayed there for one week. I’ve visited the most tourist places in London like National History Museum which was the best museum I have ever visited (seriously!) London Eye, War Museum (it was also really interesting), Museum of Tranpsort, Fashion Museum and many other places. I’ve eaten traditional British breakfast and dishes and also I’ve tried tea with milk and it was really tasty. On one day I went to see Danielle’s college but I couldn’t join the classes. I saw other friends from Erasmus during the break at college. It was so nice to see them and I was really happy that I could go there. This trip taught me a lot, also about simply living there and it’s completely different from living in Poland, in Kielce obviously, but also how they struggle with everyday problems. Apart from touristic things that tourists do in London they should also try to meet some British people and try to talk to them and try to understand their culture more.

At the end I want to say that I’m really thankful to Danielle that she took care of me and showed and told everything about London and of course to my teachers in Erasmus+

project that let me join the project and gave me this opportunity to travel.

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