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Besides our facebook and our webpages,  we are promoting are project through media. Here you can find some of the articles about us...

13/10/2018: Erasmus days at ITCG Corinaldesi

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Vivere Senigallia 

Senigallia Notizie

08/03/2019: Talking about Etwinning at ITCG Corinaldesi

28/03/2019: Talking about the meeting at ITCG Corinaldesi and the Performance.

Senigallia Notizie

01/04/2019: Talking about our experience at the association Caritas during the Italian meeting at ITCG Corinaldesi

Senigallia Notizie


28/10/2019: Back from Poland, we published an article on different media.

L'altro giornale

Virgilio (national web portal)

Senigallia Notizie

May 2020. It was lovely to host you virtually in London. Sorry that we couldn't meet in person 

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