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about the project

According to the data we have obtained from our researches, approximately 60 % of students follow or emulate role models who don’t exhibit good qualities, eg some musicians and sportspeople. This is a crucial matter. It is because if a young person becomes significantly attached to a role model’s ideology, power or popularity, they may believe the negative behaviour is acceptable.

We have decided to create this project to prevent them from following the example of the wrong people. Our students, from 4 different contries (Italy, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom) will develop the skills to recognise what positive and negative effects role models can have on themselves and society and in turn apply this competence to people they meet. We will raise awareness on racism, human rights, peace, democracy, sexism and good values by showing them appropriate European role models as examples.

We believe that students need guidance as the influence that role models have over young people is great and vast, role models can affect the young’s beliefs, or possibly change their outlook on life. The young may want to imitate the desirable traits they see in role models. Role models can also have an effect on one’s decision-making process.


"Example is the best teacher" Gandhi

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