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Towards the finish line

During this last year it was very difficult to continue every kind of activity. Our schools (all over the world the same situation) were closed and many of our students were supposed to stay at home. This has caused immeasurable disruption to the lives and learning of everyone. After Poland, we also had to stop our project for a while, but now we have decided to start it again in spite of pandemic.

During these last months, the teachers have been meeting online and have organized some activities in order to celebrate all together next 8th of March, International Woman's Day.

So, next 26th of february our Erasmus project doors reopen, at least virtually. We are going to meet all togehter online and play a virtual escape room. We will feel the trhrill and enjoy a digital mission solving puzzles and racing against a pitiless countdown.

Are you ready? Make sure to have a pen, a piece of paper and a lot of curiousity. Your international adventure is about to start.

Remember to check to which teamwork you belong to on the blog... Stay tuned.

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