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Do we still need role models?

How do you translate Role Models in other languages?

In Polish you say , autorytet, from Latin autoritas, in Italian we prefer to use an adjective and we have a difference between autoritario (authoritarian) and autorevole (influential). To be a good Role Model you must be autorevole but not autoritario. How can you be, nowadays, a good Role Model? According to the workshop we have attended today, a good Role Model is somebody with high moral values, he/she is admired but not arrogant and is willing to invest time and effort to achieve his/her goals. A Role Model is also an influential person who show consideration and respect for other people.

Now, we want to listen to your opinion. Do you agree with this description? What else have you enjoyed about the presentation you have seen at the museum for Intecultural Dialogue? Are RM still necessary nowadays? Who is yours?

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